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Student Testimonials

“I chose Smith because when I researched other online MBA programs, it had the most positive attributes: the flexibility to stay home with my infant son while receiving a top-notch education, outstanding career service offerings for after graduation, a team of professors that are the tops in their field, and lastly, the incredible reputation of the University of Maryland and the Robert H. Smith School of Business.”
- Lauren McConnell, OMBA ’15

“I applaud the effort that the faculty and staff have put into really making it a personal feel and getting that personal connection.”
- Eric Fisher, OMBA ’15

“[The faculty] really care about what we’re learning and how we’re learning. It’s not about how much information they can pile into a course. It’s about making sure that we actually understand everything that we’re being taught. The faculty has been absolutely amazing. I could not compliment them anymore.”
- James Cannon, OMBA ’15

“Everyone’s wonderful and we all have similar goals, so it’s wonderful to be able to interact with the people you’re going to be working with for the next 21 months.”
- Liz Burokas, OMBA ’15

Said about attending the opening residency:
“With an online program we’re not going to be seeing each other, but we’re still going to have to work in groups. So it’s actually really helped to put names with faces, but also see people’s different leadership styles.”
- Ashley Roffe, OMBA ’15

About Smith’s Office of Career Services:
“I recently graduated from the OMBA program in April 2016 and found my experience with OCS to be invaluable. My only regret was that I wish I had tapped into OCS much sooner. I had the pleasure of working with [my career coach] at OCS, who assisted me with every step along the way as I made a career transition. [My coach] assisted me with resume preparation, the job search, interview preparation, and salary negotiation. I can’t recommend OCS enough to students and encourage every student to take full advantage of the immense resources offered by the program. ”

- Stephen Acott, OMBA ’16

“Having spent nearly all of my career as an entrepreneur, I had always been the interviewer, resume reader, and company-side compensation negotiator. When it was time for me to enter the job market as a candidate, I was absolutely lost. I realized quickly that landing a good job was going to take an experienced (and patient) hand to help me position and market myself effectively as an employee. Through working very closely with [my career coach] over several months, and by attending Office of Career Services events like alumni mock interviews, I gained the skills and experience necessary to nail a resume review, an interview, and the negotiation that followed. For me, OCS was a huge leg up entering the job market and I absolutely could not have landed the wonderful job that I did without them.”
- Dan Goldsmith, OMBA ’16

“When we had our opening residency, every person but one said that they were getting their MBA to either change careers or quicken their career growth. The only dissenter from that was the one person who said they were getting their MBA to learn more. While learning is a noble reason to get an MBA, most students are not willing to pay a huge bill without expecting some increase in salary in return. I fall into the majority and realized early on that I needed help to understand where I wanted to go after my MBA was over. For that reason, I scheduled a meeting with the Office of Career Services (OCS) right when my opening residency was over. The OCS helped me understand what my goals were and put me on a track to find the correct career that used my MBA to pursue those goals. If I tried to do that on my own, I would have looked up career goals online, found conflicting answers and not be in a position today where I have just about doubled my salary post MBA. Not to mention that they introduced me to many contacts that helped me along my way and the company that doubled my salary as well. There are many things to do once you start your MBA studies but the simplest one is to schedule that first meeting with OCS and put your career on the growth track you expected when you signed up for your MBA studies.”
- Neil Connors, OMBA ’17